Ricky Santana, Head of Talent Relations

Having traveled the world and worked both in the ring and the office since the 1980’s, head of talent relations Ricky Santana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role at Pro Wrestling Action!

Ricky Santana
Ricky Santana, head of Talent Relations

Mr. Santana has worked for World Championship WrestlingWorld Wrestling FederationWorld Wrestling Council and the National Wrestling AllianceAll JapanIWA JapanEMLL MexicoAAA Mexico.

Having been trained at the Great Malenko training school, Mr. Santana went on to wrestle world wide and eventually worked with the creative side as Head of creative for WWC Puerto Rico and IWA Puerto Rico on different occasions throughout the 1990s. Mr. Santana has been an Agent for WCW and WWE and WXW.

Often faced with hostile or passionate wrestlers, Mr. Santana has a no nonsense attitude and must often make important decisions affecting opportunities and matches very quickly.