From Cuba, he is your girlfriend’s favorite wrestler, Ernesto Romero Alejandro aka E.R.A.!

E.R.A. debuts at Pro Wrestling Action
Photograph by edwinc1017

E.R.A. debuted at That Wrestling Show facing Cha Cha Charlie in an All-Star Battle Qualifying match. After an action packed match, a controversial ending saw neither man victorious, but both heading to the All-Star Battle to compete for the first ever championship in Pro Wrestling Action History.

E.R.A. will walk away with your girlfriend and at All-Star Battle at Sanford Civic Center Sunday July 17th, will he also walk away with the first ever All-Star Championship?
Be there when history is made!

Tickets are on sale now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pro-wrestling-action-all-star-battle-vol-2-tickets-335123492387