Agony, MaKeR of NightMarEs

Agony, MaKeR of NighTmArEs

He is your worst fear and scariest nightmare in the flesh. He is Agony, MaKeR of NighTmArEs.

Agony made his Pro Wrestling Action debut at Heroes versus Villains alongside his psychiatrist the nefariously intelligent Dr. Eric Christopher and tag partner Jeremiah. He won a decisive victory and terrorized the crowd at ringside.

Returning at All-Star Battle he nearly ended the career of Jonny Nova. At Rise of the Titans in a vicious No Holds Barred match he achieved victory over the Master of the Chicago Bear Hug, Steve Michaels. At To Infinity and Beyond he crushed the debuting Eric Kushman. What does the undefeated MaKeR of NighTMarEs have planned for his opponent at That Wrestling Show?


Agony comes to Pro Wrestling Action
Agony returns…