Cha Cha Charlie

A very Animated Cha Cha Charlie!

Cha Cha Charlie is an International Wrestling Superstar. He has battled against some of the very best this industry has to offer. Cha Cha Charlie’s motto is “Celebrating and Dancing All Night Long” #Itschachatime

Cha Cha Charlie
Cha Cha Charlie

Cha Cha Charlie was Triumphant in the Main Event of Heroes versus Villains when he faced Chico Adams with Dr. Eric Christopher. He was moments away from a second Main Event win at All-Star battle when MotherLover Jake Tucker quickly threw Charlie out of the ring to take the the Win

Now at Rise of the Titans, the Main Event is set! Cha Cha Charlie versus MotherLover Jake Tucker!


Cha Cha Charlie is in the All-Star Battle!