Pro Wrestling Action premieres its Next Event “Renegades of the Ring” Sunday January 9th 2022!

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Pro Wrestling Action returns with Renegades of the Ring! Sunday, January 9th, 2022
Pro Wrestling Action Logo
Pro Wrestling Action

Every story has a beginning…They come from every town, city, state and country to pursue their dreams….And that when the hard work starts. They train, they leave blood, sweat and tears in the ring to shine for those moments when they come through the curtain to entertain you.

They are today’s Professional Wrestlers.

Learning their skills from the legends, driving from town to town, working through injury to achieve their dreams in the squared circle.

They are the Heroes you cheer for.

They are the Villains that make you scream.

Join them as they create the memories you’ll have for a lifetime.

Kekoa the Hawaiian Warrior
Kekoa the Hawaiian Warrior

Who will make it?
Who will be the household names of tomorrow?
YOU get to see them as they start out.

Tune into “Pro Wrestling Action”

One day you’ll remember seeing Tomorrow’s Stars Today!

Mission Statement

To promote the great, young Professional Wrestling talents of today to a worldwide audience, through streaming, broadcast and cable media.

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