Vicky “The Captain” Dreamboat

Vicky "the Captain" Dreamboat salutes the audience at Pro Wrestling Action
Vicky “the Captain” Dreamboat salutes the audience at Pro Wrestling Action. Photography by edwinc1017

Navigating the rough seas of professional wrestling, Vicky “The Captain” Dreamboat is a proponent of fair play. With her can do attitude, Dreamboat enjoys a good fair fight and gets her ire up around bullies.

Docking into the Waterfront city of Sanford, FL, Dreamboat made her Pro Wrestling Action debut at That Wrestling Show against Marina Tucker, Although the plucky fighter was not victorious that day, her indomitable attitude remains undimished.

Dreamboat returns to face the Queen of the South, LaBrava at All-Star Battle 2022 Sunday July17th at the Sanford Civic Center. Will Dreamboat navigate her way to Victory? Buy Your tickets at and be there for all the Action!

Captain Vicky Dreamboat docks at Pro Wrestling Action!