Chico Adams

Chico Adams Scratching chin
Chico Adams plans his next move.
Photography by Riverhorse Wrestling Photography

Chico Adams is considered by many the blue chipper with a hard hitting style and a laser like focus on winning.

He takes Professional Wrestling seriously, very seriously.

However, has being so incredibly hyper-focused unhinged the wrestler from the “Highly Prestigious” Lee, Massachusetts?

Recently wrestling fans chanting “Chico Sucks” at the grappler have nearly driven him over the edge. Mr. Adams now requires the services of his personal Psychiatrist Dr. Eric Christopher at ringside.

Will Chico find success or madness competing in the squared circle ?

the "Future of Sports Entertainment" Chico Adams
the “Future of Sports Entertainment” Chico Adams
Photography by Ringmark Photography
Chico Adams
Chico Adams

Photograph by RiverHorse Wrestling Photography – Alan Rolette


From Mr. Chico Adams: “For all those people who seem to have a difficult time remembering what phrase you’re NOT to be chanting in my presence: I decided to put it on a t-shirt (designed by Fully Gimmicked) to help you remember. All sizes available & ready to order. To get yours now, visit: “